Celebrity Makeup Tutorial

Celebrity Makeup – Christina Aguilera Makeup

Let’s face the fact. Without opinion or degradation, we can confess that most young girls today want to copy the style and fashion of the famous icon Christina Aguilera. Painting the face has been a sacred and cultural tradition for thousands of years, and many people overlook that makeup, and sexual charm is not always related. Wearing makeup for artistic reasons probably began with men, just like dresses, scent, leggings, and jewelry. In diverse cultures different customs become trendy. It wasn’t so long ago that a guy who manicured his eyebrows was weird. We now have eyeliner-wearing men all over the media and metropolitan region of America. French gentleman and women of the 16th and 17th centuries wore additional makeup than stage actors do these days.


How to do your makeup like Christina Aguilera:

Her look channels a current day Marilyn Monroe, harking back to the golden age of glamor. One hand, Christina Aguilera is an over the top pop artist, but there’s no denying she’s a talented and serious artist. She’s the vital style chameleon with hairstyles varying from dirty platinum blond to raven-hued. You can get the same look of Christina Aguilera’s makeup with these makeup tips.

Things you’ll require to do makeup

  • Face lotion
  • makeup sponge
  • the foundation of any kind
  • loose powder or pressed powder
  • blush
  • a trio of brown eye shadows
  • brown mascara
  • lipstick close to natural lip shade


Christina Aguilera makeup tips:

Face Lotion: First you need to clean your face and apply a small quantity of face lotion. The Lotion should contain SPF in it. Apply this all over your face. Avoid if you have oily skin.

Foundation: Now that your face is prepared, take a makeup sponge and lightly soak it with water. Now add foundation, you need to use this damp sponge to apply your makeup. Using a damp makeup sponge will keep your skin appear dewy and fresh.

Blush: Now you need to add blush. For a natural look, you require to have a large blush brush and apply a blush that is similar to the color of your cheeks when they flush. Now smile to stretch your mouth muscles and apply the color to the apples of your cheeks, and then move outwards.

Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, and Mascara: It is time to do your eye makeup now. Start with the light color such as brown eye shadows, and apply it all over the eyelids all the way to the eyebrows. Next, select the medium tone brown color and apply it where your eyelid creases and below. Now get ready for the darkest shade of brown which you have to use as eyeliner at the very bottom of the eyelid. Now you finish your makeup with a brown shade of mascara and transparent lip gloss on your lips.

Christina Aguilera makeup is one of the popular make ups that everyone desire to wear, as she is one of the fashion diva and pop star. Therefore people want to imitate her fashion, style, and makeup. Above mentioned information will help you to get the look you desire.

Best Mascara Reviews

Mascara is an eye cosmetic and used to provide a dark, lengthy, full and thick appearance to the eyelashes. Mascara is available in the market in three forms as liquid, cream and cake cream. Mascara is liked by all women ant it plays a significant role in the makeup of women. For summer seasons, special mascara is used, for monsoon season, other types of mascara are available. There are many colours, and shades of mascara are easily seen in the cosmetics shop. Best mascara is one that provides defined eyebrows. Mascara is made up of water, wax, film formers, thickeners, and preservatives. The brush used to apply mascara may be straight or curved. Brushes that are used to apply mascara to curl the eyelashes are made up of nylon or rayon fibres. Two types of mascara are available as waterproof mascara or water resistant mascara and nonwater-resistant mascara.

Water-resistant mascaras

Water-resistant mascaras consist of volatile solvent, animal derived waxes, mineral origin wax, vegetal based waxes and filming polymers. No water resistant mascaras are made up of water, vegetal based waxes, soft surfactants, animal derived waxes, pigments, mineral origin waxes, preservatives and thickening polymers.

Best Mascara has divided into many categories as best volumizing mascara, best waterproof mascara, best multi-talented mascara, best new mascara and so on. Best overall mascara known as Lancome Definicils quickly offers to lengthen lashes. This mascara works well with all persons and shows best and long lasting results.

Best volumizing mascara

Best volumizing mascara traditional as Prescriptives ‘Lash Envy’ Mascara, is used by many of the beauty experts and provides full plumped thick eyelashes. Bobbi Brown Mascara is the best mascara that is used by many of the celebrities. Maybelline Great Lash is the best waterproof Mascara and lasts for a long time.

Best multi-talented mascara name as Revlon Luxurious Lengths Mascara has a gel based colour that quickly separates the lashes and offers amazing lashes. The eyes look quite big with the help of Best volumizer mascara. Makeup artist’s favourite mascara famous as Maybelline XXL Volume + Length, this mascara found in the makeup box of every artist. A big punch can be easily packed in this mascara. This mascara helps in providing smoky eyes with thick and lengthy eyelashes. To get a classic look, best budget mascara traditional as C’Oreal Voluminous works well. This mascara combined with panthenol and ceramide-R and it helps in showing thick eyelashes. Lancome Hypnose is other great mascara which gives a smooth and silky look to the eyes.

Celebrity Makeup Secrets

Be spoiled like a star!

When you step on the red carpet, you are not allowed to make image mistakes.

You must be beautiful, relaxed, and you must shine like a star. Here are some makeup fashion secrets and celebrity make up tricks revealed by the beauty care experts from Hollywood so you can learn how to adapt these makeup fashion tricks and techniques in your home

Makeup secrets to create a perfect skin.

Rosanna Arquette’s cosmetician recommends this for a special summer day, a slight desquamation, which can hydrate your skin and which doesn’t stimulate the activity of sebaceous glands activity.

In order to do it at home, you must use an exfoliating serum, based on lactic acid, then help your skin get back your tonus, with a mask made of a cup of yoghurt and a teaspoon of olive oil, which must be removed after 20 minutes.

Hollywood Makeup Secrets for a unique hairstyle.

Darryl Hannahs hair stylist recommends these makeup secrets for lively hair. A very hydrating shampoo obtained according to a controversial recipe based on champagne and black truffles, which makes your hair silky and voluminous.

In order to imitate this procedure, apply on your hair a balm like a mask, a very hydrating one, which will make your hair look shiny. It would be recommended to use a mask based on vegetable oils, like wheat germs or avocado fruit. Massage gently into the scalp, in order to stimulate the growing of your hair.

Makeup secrets and tips for your nails.

Rachel Griffiths chiropodist, a star well known from the HBO series Underground, tells that a perfect chiropody can help you to be for ever smiling. Moreover, your hands and your legs have some sensitive points which, through massage, help to release the stress.

At home, you can fill a basin with warm water, and add a few olive oil drops. Massage efficiently your heels using a pumice.

Make Up tips and tricks for perfect makeup

Nothing can cheer you up more than a lipstick which matches your lips very well, irrespective of what happens in your life, advises make-up artist of the hip-hop star, Eve.

Apply this suggestion, trying a more daring shade on your lips, like strawberry red for example. With a paint brush, underline your lips with lipstick, then apply a layer of gloss. A change in your daily makeup routine will instantly cheer you up!

Secret makeup tricks for your Body

Stars like Salma Hayek or Jennifer Lopez appeal to spa services, which include aromatherapy, body treatments and special massages.

In your environment you can improvise a spa, decorating your room with candles and pouring in your aromatherapy bowl, essential oils. For a massage, combine four table spoons of olive oil with two table spoons of essential lavender oil. Start by massaging your legs, then go on until each part of your body is spoiled.

Star makeup secrets

Which beauty care product is indispensable for Catherine Zeta Jones? And what would be the magic make up remover in Victoria Beckham’s bathroom? Here are some makeup fashion secrets revealed by some of the most beautiful women in the world

Natalie Portman: “If you go out, in order to go to a movie, which may not be very funny and you want to look perfect from the beginning of the movie, until its end, choose a waterproof mascara. It won’t flow on your face if you happen to cry! ”

Victoria Beckham: “When I appear on TV, I let makeup artists do their job using their make up tricks and techniques to make me up. But in general, I apply makeup myself. And I always remove the makeup with wet napkins especially made for the skin of babies.”

Naomi Campbell: “I think that the most important aspect concerning my makeup is foundation. Which is why this is exactly what you’ll always find in my bag.”

Cindy Crawford: “If you put on a little makeup, obviously it won’t spoil so quickly. You should put on your makeup in no more than 5 minutes; 15 if you go to a more sophisticated dinner.|

Kate Winslet: “I rarely use my hair dryer – it dries my hair in an unpleasant way. And I don’t use hair styling products. They are boring, arent they? ”

Liz Hurley: “People believe that I had a facial lift. Well, I didn’t, this is the effect of tidy, well-brushed eyebrows.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones: “In order to highlight my eyes, I am sure that the eyelashes winding up device is wonderful. Each time when I am tired I wind up my eyelashes, and it seems that my day begins once more!”

Actresses, TV presenters

, singers and in general feminine stars impose the fashion. Women whose photos appear in magazines make us believe that they are authentic beauties. Well, the truth is far from the image which stylists teams try to deliver to us.

Whats important to understand is that these makeup secrets are available to everyone, and not reserved for the rich and famous. It is not surprising at all that many stars have serious skin problems. A lot of divas have imperfections which makeup artists cover with skill using makeup secrets they have spent years developing. Don’t forget when you see these incredible stars in magazines, they have the benefit of image editor programs, which are nicely adjusted.